Pet Grooming 101

3 “unheard of” benefits of regular dog grooming

Why do I need to groom my dog?

The dogs in the past survived pretty well without any grooming didn’t they?

Dogs in the past can kill Grizzly Bears

We feel kind of uneasy when we make sure we groom our dogs regularly and people pass comments like that.

What is regular dog grooming?

Regular dog grooming is sending your dog for full grooming at least once every 6-8 weeks (veterinarian’s recommendation) and ensuring that its basic maintenance is done every week, at least (by right should be done everyday). You do not need to bathe your dog everyday, as it will strip the natural oils off your dog’s skin and neither do you need to clip their nails daily (they don’t grow that fast). Basically, you need to ensure that everytime you flip open their ears and peer into it, you do not see any traces of dirt, also removing all visible dirt on their belly, pee/poo area, paws, and brush their teeth daily to prevent build-up of plague and tartar.
When there is a proper regular grooming program in place for your dog, your dog physical well-being is in tip top condition.
Benefit number 1: Save time
Your trips to the vet will only be due to breed-specific problems, genetic problems, anomalous problems or annual vaccination. 
Benefit number 2: Save money
When you visit the vet less, you save more $. Comparing costs of regular grooming to visiting the vet and getting medicine several times a year for chronic skin disease due to lack of grooming, you will save more. A typical vet consultation charge costs $25 onwards, not forgetting the cost of your precious time waiting in the queue.
Benefit number 3: Less distractions
We always get distracted when our dogs get overly obsessed with scratching themselves. We always stop them. Even if we don’t, in our minds we are worrying about the constant scratching. With regular grooming in place, your groomer will be the first line of check for your dog’s physical well-being and any first signs of problems should be reported to you. It is easier to doctor a problem when it is in its early stages, reducing the chances of it propagating into an obsessive compulsive behavior.
Dogs today are very different from dogs in the past due to domestification and selective breeding, therefore do not compare dogs today with dogs in the past.
Humans do not need to wear clothes in the past, can you not wear clothes today?

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