Pet Grooming 101

Why am i not allowed in the grooming room of a pet shop?

Many of us have been caught in the situation whereby the groomer asks us to leave, giving us this reason:

“Your dog cannot stand still when you’re around, can you kindly leave?”

Im standing very still

Two explanations for you:

1. Sudden change in environment

  • Initially when you bring your dog for grooming it is by your side. After you hand them to the groomers, the dog “senses” a change in circumstances(out of their comfort zone) and instinctively, they become curious/excited/weary. (Similar to humans, when we are exposed to new environments we tend to be curious/excited/weary) This effect somehow leads to the dog being uncooperative during the grooming session as it is constantly sniffing around and at the same time wanting you to take possession of them back from the groomers.
  • After all is done and you’re back to bring your dog home, you realise that your dog is all so excited from the sight of you. This is due to a change in environment which “activates” the change in behavior of the dog.
  • However, you realise that if you just were to sit in the grooming room and not try to get its attention or disturb other dogs, your doggie will calm down after some time. (It has successfully adapted to the existing situation)

2. Excitement is contagious

  • When you step into a grooming room with dogs, the dogs “sense” a change in situation making them really excited. In fact they are calling out for your attention, and all of them want your attention. This results in what i would call a “frenzied situation” and those dogs which are in the midst of grooming would also join in the fun.

Nobody likes to be disturbed when they are in the midst of working, therefore groomers will politely invite the customer to leave. After some time the dogs “cool down” and adapts, enabling the groomers to finish grooming the scheduled dogs on time as well as making the grooming room a more peaceful place.

Therefore today, it is getting more common that 1-way glass is installed in pet grooming rooms to allow customers to look at their pet get groomed.

Have you ever been in this situation?

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