Pet Grooming 101

FAQ: Why do i need to make sure that my doggie’s paws are free of fur?

after the grooming session the paw should look like the one on the right

1. Our dogs sweat through their paws. When there is a substantial amount of fur between the paw pads, the sweat get soaked into the fur and is unable to evaporate. Over time, the constant dampness and warmth becomes a perfect bacteria breeding ground leading to high chances of bacterial infections. This explains why sometimes your doggie’s paw area is red and sore after grooming (removal of the fur) and constant licking at the paws due to the irritation.

2. Dog paw pads provide them the traction to walk on many different surfaces comfortably. For some breeds, the amount fur between the paw pads is considerably a lot and can “cover” the entire surface of the under-paw, leading to the doggie walking very awkwardly as it tries to regain its balance. This is very uncomfortable and at the same time takes up a lot of effort and energy. In the long run, the wrong walking stance may lead to pain in their joints and back.

Always remember to check after each grooming session that your doggie’s under-paw is clear of fur!

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