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Dog friendly cafe – HAPPY DAZE CAFE & BISTRO

As dog owners, we like to bring our dogs out with us to places. Unfortunately, most places in Singapore are not dog-friendly and thus we are always in search for one.


Recently we went to this place:


Yes, it’s a cafe/pub/bistro and best of all, dogs are welcome!

It was Toffee’s (our client’s poochie) birthday, we and our dog Chocolate were invited to Happy Daze for dinner. The cafe is situated among the private housings in Opera Estate, quiet and serene environment 🙂

Here’s the shopfront!
Clean, cozy and homely interior
Wide range of alcohol (Stella Artois and Hoegaarden on tap, yummy!)
Chill out area 1
Chill out area 2
For those who prefer outdoor seating

When we stepped into the cafe, they served our doggies cool water before anything else! (I like this :D)

They have a wide variety of western/asian/doggie food on their menus. We ordered Pork Knuckle, Seafood Marinara, Mushroom Aglio Oilo, Maryland Chicken and a bucket of Heineken. Their house specials comes in a set with drink, soup-of-the-day and dessert. Oh and their pumpkin soup is FANTASTIC 😀 (we went back a second time just for that ;P). Chocolate had chicken stew and Toffee had beef stew, all gobbled up within minutes! (The vegetables used are salad worthy, e.g. rocket, cherry tomatoes!)

Picture taking time!

Birthday Boy! Disclaimer: no alcohol was fed to any dogs
Trying to get their attention

Overall, the food, service, ambience were excellent. Most importantly, the doggies (and us!) had an awesome time!

Our Review

Food – 7.5 / 10

Service – 8 / 10

Ambience – 8 / 10

Price – 8 / 10

Details of the Cafe:

Happy Daze Cafe

1 Swan Lake Avenue

Tel: 64481980

(Mon-Thurs & Sun: 12pm – 11pm; Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am)

Happy Birthday, Toffee 🙂

Have you had any good experiences at other dog-friendly cafes too? Tell us about it!

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