Pet Grooming 101

Reduce tartar buildup in your dogs teeth today!

Does your dog have bad breath?

Many a time it is caused by a severe buildup of tartar on their teeth which causes them to have a smelly mouth.

Tartar is formed when the saliva reacts with food particles and bacteria, binding onto the teeth as brownish/greyish plague.

This is serious.

Over time, the bacteria buildup on the teeth causes the gums around to become inflamed and swollen, sometimes bleeding. At this point of time it is too late to take any actions other than sending the dog to the vet for dental scaling as harmful bacteria will enter the bloodstream from the gums, affecting the internal organs.

So what can you do to slow down the buildup of tartar?

1. Oral additives – these are products which can be added to the dog’s drinking water containing enzymes to break-down the tartar

Oral Additive by Tropiclean

2. Regular teethbrushing – daily toothbrushing with doggie tooth paste will reduce the buildup of plague

Brush my teeth for me daily!

3. Chew toys – this method is what I recommend our clients to give their dogs, provided that the dogs have a good habit of chewing on them. Basically these toys are hard, and chewing on them creates a “scrubbing” action on the teeth removing the tartar. Furthermore, our dogs expend their “pent-up” energy during the chewing session, leaving them slightly lethargic. (Killing 2 birds with 1 stone :D)

Chew toy 1 – Nylon toys

Toy ribs rack that look like the real thing!

*Point to note, for these toys you have to pay some attention as sometimes bits of the nylon/plastic material gets chewed away and swallowed. Excessive swallowing of the plastic is not good for your doggie so when purchasing these type of toys, try and purchase the suitable hardness for your dog. Preferably harder toys for the more hardcore chewers.

Chew toy 2 – Rawhides

There are many varieties of rawhide these days.

*Point to note, when these gets chewed to a state whereby it is soft and hair/dust gets stuck, replace one as they are relative cheap. Try and purchase one of the right size for your dog, i.e. larger ones for bigger dogs. We don’t want our dogs to be swallowing the whole rawhide.

Chew toy 3 – Fish Skin

Just Fish Cod fish skin tied into bone shapes

*Point to note, these are by far the “safest” for your dogs as these skin are fully edible. Give as a treat and in controlled amounts.

Take charge of your dog’s oral health today!

Just for Laughs πŸ™‚

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