Pet Grooming 101

Trim off my dog’s whiskers? Ouch!

Have you ever wondered whether it hurts when your groomer trims your dear dog’s whiskers?

Don’t you dare touch my whiskers….


Petplace (2012) says that whiskers serve as delicate sense organs of touch and are believed to be as sensitive as our fingertips. When there is air movement, the whiskers vibrate, and dogs use messages in these vibrations to sense the presence, size and shape of nearby objects.

Some people say by trimming off their dog’s whiskers, they lose their balance.

With or without whiskers i must balance…

Typically, groomers only trim the dog’s whiskers during a show clip or when the face is shaved.

I look weird with whiskers, seriously.

Bottom line is will they feel pain?

Vetstreet (2012) states that whiskers are just longer, thicker and more rigid,hair. Each whisker is rooted in a hair follicle that’s filled with blood vessels and nerves. And like other hairs, whiskers will occasionally fall out and grow back.

Our dogs will not feel pain when their whiskers are cut off.

On the other hand, i would recommend that to leave the whiskers alone as it helps the dog to a certain extent to “feel” its surroundings, especially elderly dogs.

Hurray! Thanks for speaking up for us!

Have you noticed your dog’s whiskers?

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