Dog Behavior

Embarrassed by your dog’s mounting behavior?

Have you ever been humped by your dear dog?

That’s one big dog

What do you mean by hump?

This is when your dog uses its front 2 legs to wrap around something (e.g. your hand, leg, soft toy, pillow) and a thrusting action at its hips follows.

Its typically fun for some people and embarrassing, when others (relatives, friends, etc.) are around.

Why do dogs hump?

1. Sexual motivation – Humping provides some form of pleasure.

2. Establish dominance – This action is meant to force another dog/person into submission, after which establishing itself as higher up in the hierarchy.

Do female dogs hump?

 Yes, some of them do especially those intact females with an appreciable amount of testosterone in their bloodstream.

Does sterilisation stop this annoying behavior?

Yes it should stop this behavior as the levels of testosterone in the body is reduced when the sex organ is removed. However, if humping is encouraged or if they happen to learn through what they see from other dogs, the behavior might start again.

How do i stop my dog from humping?

1. Don’t let them start

Who can resist puppies?

When they are young and small as puppies, many owners feel that the humping action looks “cute” and therefore allow and reinforce this behavior as a good behavior of the dog. As the dog grows in size and weight, the behavior does not stop as it has always been a norm for it to behave like that.

2. Exercise


With enough exercise, dogs are more balanced and have much less “pent up” energy  to hump.

3. Spay and Neuter

As above, it stops the dominant hormone production in their blood resulting in less dominant behavior.

4. Just say NO

A firm NO or STOP will make your dog aware that this behavior is not appropriate. In order for a verbal correction to work your dog has to know that you are its pack leader. You can also clap your hands loudly to get your dog’s attention but never hit your dog as it will evoke fear and resentment towards you.

5. Redirect focus

I like this toy more than you…

Dog humping is an instinctual response. Change your dog’s focus and he or she will stop the behavior. Distract your dog in mid-hump with his favorite dog toys , a walk & exercise or other sort of playful redirection.

Lets stop this unwanted behavior today!

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