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Water bowl vs. bottle – How should I choose for my dog?

Water bottle nozzle head
Water bottle with nozzle head


Water bowl
Water bowl

How should I choose for my dog?

Water bottles are often used with a detachable nozzle head (see above). Small amount of water will be released each time doggy pushes his tongue against the ball bearing tip. It’s claimed that spills and mess are greatly reduce, and the water does not get contaminated by food particles or debris. As such, it’s appealing to many doggy owners.

Water bowl 0 : 1 Bottle

While using bottles may seem extremely convenient to us, we may also want to consider these factors:

1. Is he drinking comfortably?


When dogs drink, they need to lap up large quantities of water at a time, and they do this frequently. Not to mention, they drink more vigorously after a walk or run or when warm weathers (like Singapore) call for it. In addition, evidence shows that “it takes (a dog) 3 laps to move liquid to the back of the throat”, you can easily imagine the amount of time and effort doggy will need just to quench his thirst from the tiny nozzle head of a water bottle.

Imagine drinking from only this after your 10km marathon.

Want doggy to drink comfortably? A water bowl would do a better job.

Water bowl 1 : 1 Bottle

2. Bottles are not reliable.

If point 1 doesn’t convince you, here’s another reason. The nozzle head bottles are not reliable in providing water for our doggies and this is much proven by our personal and a handful of our clients’ experiences. After hours of “inactivity” the ball bearing at the tip of the nozzle head tends to get dry and stuck on many occasions, preventing water from flowing out. Poor doggy! 

I. just. want. some. water.

We don’t see this problem with bowls though.

Water bowl 2 : 1 Bottle

3. Convenience & Hygiene. 

And if despite all that you’re choosing convenience & hygiene by going for the water bottle option, think again. Most owners (including us in the past) are guilty of not changing the water in the bottle as long as it’s not anywhere near-empty and when we do, the bottle and nozzle’s internal are usually slimy, giving the water a bad taste (not forgetting, the bacteria!). Using a water bowl in general increases the tendency to change the water, ensuring it’s always clean and available to our doggies.

Water bowl 3 : 1 Bottle

Water bowl: I am full of win!

As guardians of our furry friends who’s lives depend solely on us, isn’t their welfare our utmost priority and responsibility? Hydrating is important and especially so with clean water. The convenience of not having a slightly wet floor and muzzle OR fulfilling doggy’s basic need for comfortable access to clean water – what would you choose?

215743_Dog with dog bowl
Just gimme a bowl NOW.

Tips for getting a water bowl:

– Choose one that is heavy (i.e. ceramic bowls) with anti-slip rubber base to ensure it doesn’t move around while drinking and doggy doesn’t play with it.

Tips for getting a water bottle:

– Unless otherwise advised by a vet for medical reasons, our tip is – don’t get one.

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