Pet Grooming 101

Tips on Choosing a Pet Groomer

Having a hard time thinking which pet groomer to engage?

This is so not working…

Browsing through endless forum threads in search of the most recommended pet groomer?

*pant* how many more threads must i scroll through…

Have you ever thought what makes a good pet groomer?

Hmm why don’t you tell me?

Let’s see:

One that has many good reviews, recommendations as well as mentioned a lot in forums?

Not always true.

When looking out for good groomers, it is always important and good for pet owners to follow these steps.

1) Visit the grooming business/pet shop’s website.

Always read the “about us” section to know more about the business and the values that the business runs on, and see if you are comfortable with that. It would be even better if there happens to be a section introducing the pet groomer and his/her credentials.

Although the best credentials might not necessary guarantee the best pet grooming skills, it is a good thing to watch out for; as some errant pet groomers might just be using your pet as their first experience in grooming.

Are you serious?

2) Call/Email/Sms/Whatsapp/Facebook message, etc. to inquire.

With technological advancement there are so many ways to contact the groomer, why not? Talk to your groomer to understand more about him/her and their services, it is one way for you to find out if you’re comfortable with this person.

Ask specific questions regarding the grooming process or focus on certain concerns that you may have such as:

  • This is my pet’s first grooming session, what would you recommend…
  • My pet is very timid, is there any way…
  • What kind of pet clip will you recommend…
  • Is my pet going to be hand or cage dried…
  • How long will the grooming session take…
  • etc.

From the replies and answers, you will be able to better gauge the professionalism of the pet grooming business.

3) Observe the grooming premises  (assuming that the pet shop or grooming salon is OPEN concept and you are able to see grooming take place. This is more common these days with the newer pet shops.)

Before booking an appointment, make a trip down to the grooming premise and soak in the atmosphere with your 3 senses.

  • What do you smell? (Does the place smell like a rubbish dump?)
  • What do you see? (Do you see exceptionally dirty tools and tables? How about wet and soiled floor and walls? Parasites on the floor and walls?)
  • What do you feel? (Do you feel warm or cool?)

4) Observe how the groomers work

  • Do they scream or mishandle pets?
  • Are they leaving pets unattended with the grooming loop around their necks?
  • Are they very patient even with the most boisterous pets?
  • Do they explain to their customers about their pet’s physical or mental welfare needs after each grooming session?


Seasoned groomers know what they are doing. They know the steps of the grooming process so well that the grooming process is very smooth; there is no long pauses to think what to do next.

Once you’re all comfortable following through the few simple steps above, you are most likely going to book an appointment and be confident that your pet will be treated with an amazing grooming session by a great pet groomer!

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