Pet Grooming 101

Top 3 reasons why you should sign up for a pet grooming workshop

Pet grooming workshops are offered by many pet grooming service providers but have you wondered why you should sign up for one?


1. Know what to expect

By attending hands-on classes with your pet taught by the professional pet groomers, you get a feel of how your pet would behave during grooming, how he would react when he is handled in certain ways and correct representations of completed grooming. You will also get to understand abit more about what the groomer might face when grooming your pet and anticipate it, after which you can inform your personal pet groomer of what he should take note of.

2. Save money

Each grooming procedure costs money when you outsource it to the professionals. Why not do it yourself if it is possible? Not only is it free of charge, you also strengthen the owner-pet relationship in the process!

3. Insurance

One fine day you call your regular pet groomer and he tells you that he has quit being a groomer. You panic, trying to look through the internet for recommendations of good pet groomers, well reviewed pet groomers to take over but the good ones are always booked a few months in advance. You make an advance booking 2 months ahead. How is your pet going to survive 2 months without clipping it’s nails, cleaning it’s ears, trimming its sanitary or under paw fur?

Then you remember that you went through a basic pet grooming course and have the necessary skills to carry out basic maintenance for your pet to give it a basic level of physical wellness. No sweat.


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