Pet Grooming 101

3 signs that your cat may have Stud Tail

1) Matted, clumpy, yellowish/blackish and waxy fur

clumpy fur stud tail cat

2) Fur falling off 

dropping hair stud tail cat

3) Redness and soreness

inflammation stud tail cat

Do your cats have these symptoms at the base of it’s tail?

If they do, they might be having a condition.

Worried Cat
Do not worry, Kitty.


What is Stud Tail?

Stud tail is a build-up of sebum/oil at the base of your cat’s tail which commonly leads to the fur around the area to become matted/clumpy/sparse, sometimes skin becoming inflamed and sore.

Why does my cat have Stud Tail?

When cats grow older they tend to secrete more oils throughout their body and at the base of the tail is one area; where oils are secreted for the purpose of marking their territory. It is more commonly in male un-neutered cats (explaining why the name “Stud” tail) due to their higher dominance hormonal levels.

What should I do?

  • Arrange a visit to the vet for a thorough assessment
  • Use a degreasing shampoo to thoroughly wash away the buildup of sebum
  • Shave off the hair around the area such that the shampoo is able to better penetrate skin
  • Neutering your cat may help

Have you checked your cat for stud tail?

lazy Cat
What do you want with me?


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