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Hair growing from my dog’s paw pads?

Does this look familiar to you?

pontapadsHyperkeratosis Paw pads

If you happen to see these on your dog’s paw pads, he/she may have hyperkeratosis.

What is hyperkeratosis?

It is an ailment whereby keratin – the tough fibrous covering grows excessively on your dog’s paw pads leading to “feathery”or “broom-like” structures. Excess keratin in hard cracked paws can cause pain when walking or even lameness.

Is it curable?

Unfortunately there is no cure for this, but it can be controlled.

How do i manage this?

If the feathery structures becomes too long and gets in the way of the paws, you may request your pet groomer or veterinarian to trim away the excess avoiding trimming too close. It it generally painless as the “feathers” are excess keratin and there are no sensory nerves present. Keep the paws moisturized by applying paw balms or vaseline which may help to dissolve excess keratin and retard growth.

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