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Should I shave my double-coated dog?

Do you own a dog that sheds all the time?

heh heh :)
heh heh 🙂

And get a slight headache when that happens at home?


Fret not, it is a  very common occurrence with many families with dogs; and generally dogs that shed do not normally sport extremely long hair.

What a lucky owner i have :D
What a lucky owner i have 😀

This dog doesn’t shed. But he needs A LOT of grooming help.

Let’s go back to the topic proper.


What is double coated dogs?

Double coated dogs basically refer to dogs with 2 coats, namely top coat (made up of hard and coarse guard hairs – to safeguard skin against external elements such as harsh weather, insects, harmful sunrays) and under coat (made up of fine and soft awn hairs – to regulate body temperature).

Some examples would be the Golden Retriever, Shetland Sheepdog, Pomeranian, Labrador and Corgi, etc.

Why do you not shave? (Shaving, in this case refers to cutting your dog’s hair to a VERY short length, i.e. ~2mm)

1. Shaving results in a reduction of shedding.

MYTH. Shaving your dog does not stop it’s shedding cycle, they shed all year round; more so during certain times of the year. What you will see is smaller pieces instead of complete lengths of hair all over the place.

2. Shaving results in the exposure of your dog’s vulnerable skin.

TRUTH. When your dog is shaved, it’s undercoat and top coat are mostly removed and bare skin is exposed. The skin is easily sun-burnt and more prone to insect bites and abrasions.

3. Shaving may result in post-clipping alopecia (shaved hair may not regrow)

TRUTH. Undercoat and topcoat hair grows at a different rate and in some cases the top coat might not grow back to what it initially looked like, leading to your dog having a scruffy, frizzy and/or patchy appearance.

I always shave my dogs and it seems that they react really well.

For cases whereby the dog’s skin flares up when their fur gets beyond a certain length or other instances where their dogs react extra positively to a session of shaving (seems more comfortable), it is generally understandable to shave them.

Now that you have new insights, do consider keeping your double coated dog’s luscious coat if possible, and brush/de-shed your dog on a regular basis to maintain a healthy coat.

I know i look amazing
I know I look amazing


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