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Perfect toothbrush for your small pet

I recently stumbled upon this product, which Veronica (one of our client) is using for Casper (Mini maltese).

She didn’t want to purchase the commercial pet toothbrushes out there as she feels that either the toothbrushes are too large for Casper’s petite mouth or the bristles are too hard and stiff. Many toothbrushes also have hard and sharp edges which she feels it’s too dangerous and will cause injury.

nuk toothbrush

This is essentially a baby toothbrush.

However I felt that it is an awesome toothbrush for any pet, let’s see why.

Build/Design/Material of product

German engineered, the toothbrush is made of non-toxic soft plastic and rubber, with rounded edges all over. There is a very low chance of injuring your pet accidentally, which is perfect for pet owners who are not the most confident. The bristles is very soft (made for baby teeth), thin (to get to those dirt between the teeth) and easy to clean. It is roughly 4 inches long, which means it would only be suitable for small pets/puppies/kittens.

Score: 4/5


When it comes to toothbrushing capabilities, I am very particular as I believe the bristles have to be of a certain hardness to be able to effectively remove stubborn bacteria and plaque. The Nuk toothbrush has just the right amount of stiffness, yet it is very gentle. Amazing.

Score: 5/5


The Nuk toothbrush feels as durable/or even better than other pet toothbrushes out there and should be able to last 1-2 months of daily brushing for your pet.

Score: 5/5


What I understand is that the Nuk toothbrush is less than $10 and can be purchased from any Singapore’s Robinsons store. Comparing the price to other pet toothbrushes, it is relatively cheap!

Score: 5/5

Overall Score


Perfect score for the perfect product. I just cannot find any flaw with this product, probably just disappointed that Nuk does not have a pet toothbrush, one which can be used for larger sized pets. 🙂

The Nuk baby toothbrush is definitely the best pet toothbrush I’ve ever used.

Post written by Desmond Chan, CFMG

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