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Basic Dog Care and Grooming Essentials Workshop at Bubbly Petz Studio

Want to be a pet groomer?

Want to be able to groom your own pet?

Want to learn safe, effective and humane pet handling and grooming techniques?

You can now get a glimspe of pet grooming when you participate in our Basic Dog Care and Grooming Essentials Workshop at our fully equipped pet grooming studio.


About the trainer:

Desmond graduated from dog grooming schools learning from experienced dog grooming instructors from Singapore, Korea and Thailand. He is a Singapore Kennel Club and Dog Groomers’ Association of Singapore certified dog groomer and has won multiple awards during pet grooming competitions. He has a keen interest in educating pet owners on pet care and how it relates to animal welfare and participated in various events giving seminars, demonstrations and talks. In 2013, Desmond became a People’s Association accredited trainer to offer basic dog grooming courses at community centres. He sees a great need for empowering pet owners to take charge of some of their pet’s grooming needs in a safe, humane and positive manner.

To register, purchase a slot from our online store:

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