Pet Grooming 101

2 ways to reduce the chances of red yeast infection in your dog

Does the reddish color on this doggie’s face look familiar to you?
red yeast infection dog face

This could just be what many people call “red yeast”.

What is red yeast?

Red yeast is a fungi that develops in the moist environment around your dog’s eyes when he/she produces excessive tears or has issues with tear drainage.

What is the difference between tear stains and red yeast infection?

Tear staining is basically caused when tears, saliva and urine are excreted and stays on the fur for some time. These wetness on the fur oxidise over time, resulting in a permanent reddish color. Red yeast though, is a fungi that is developed on the skin when the area remains moist over a continued period of time without any cleaning.

Does it mean all dogs will have tear staining when tears, saliva and urine are on the fur? 

No. It generally occurs to dogs whose genetic make-up results in a by-product pigment released via the tears, saliva or urine.

What can we do to reduce the occurrence of red yeast infection?

1. Clean and dry problem areas such as eyes, urine area and paws regularly using a moist cotton ball and soft tissue.

2. Trim away excess hair around the eyes which might induce more tears.

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