Pet Grooming 101

3 sure takeaways from attending Basic Dog Care and Grooming Essentials Workshop at Bubbly Petz Studio

Want to learn how to groom your own dog?

Keen to overcome your fear of clipping your dog’s nails?

Like to better care for your beloved dog?

Always wanted to take up a short workshop to get a deeper understanding of ethical pet care?

Now you can!
Now you can!

During the course of our Basic Dog Care and Grooming Essentials you will:

1. Learn proper pet handling techniques

Our trainer Desmond will guide you along using the most easy, effective, safe and comfortable handling techniques to ensure a positive experience for you and your pet dog.

2. Practice with the tools of the trade

Confused over which tools to use for a certain grooming procedure? You will learn in detail and practice to understand how each works and how to maintain them.

3. Achieve an increase in confidence handling your pet

100% of our participants experience an increase in confidence in handling their own pet when performing a grooming procedure.

Join us today for 2 sessions of hands-on and informative fun!

Pick the dates and sign up here:

What some of our participants say:

“I’m happy with everything overall. Very patient and helpful instructor. :)”

I jumped at the chance when I came across the basic dog care and grooming essentials workshop on facebook and immediately signed up.

Having been in the vet nursing industry for close to three years, I was looking for a short course to take to improve my skills and widen my knowledge in pet care.

Although I already had been taught in the clinics about restraining and handling methods, I learned from Desmond that there were other more efficient methods in restraining and handling dogs without causing much stress to them.

My biggest challenge I felt, was definitely nail clipping, especially black nails, but Desmond assured me that it comes with practise and in time to come, it will be a breeze. I am glad to say that I have been honing my skills at the clinic and I have definitely been a lot more confident in this area of dog grooming.

All in all, I found the workshop to be extremely informative and the environment conducive to learn and practise in. I thoroughly enjoyed the two day workshop with my Pug, Bruno and  I would definitely encourage anyone interested in basic pet care to take up this course, or even to bring your pet down to Bubbly Petz to get them groomed; as Desmond and his entourage of professional pet groomers will give them the best star treatment!

– Ms Vanessa Lawrence”

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