Pet Grooming 101

3 things you should help your cat with from time to time (but many miss out on)

Cats don’t groom themselves, they lick themselves and that’s gross!

Let’s take a look at commonly missed grooming procedures which we need to help our feline friends with.

1. Clean kitty’s nose

cat dirty nose

Over time, icky dirt and bacteria builds up at the entrance of kitty’s nostrils. If not tended to over a period of time, the bacteria would lead to skin reactions.

What you can do to help: Using your fingers, gently press kitty’s face beside the nose to expose the nostrils taut. Then use a clean moist cotton pad and swab away any visible debris.

2. Check on nails

I'm not kidding, that hurts like crazy!
I’m not kidding, that hurts like crazy!

Cats shed their nails and sometimes that does not happen due to health reasons or a lack of stimulation through scratching. As a result, nails get long and curved, painfully piercing the paw flesh.

What you can do to help: Express your kitty’s nails at least once a week and keep their length in check. Watch for nails that are “thick”; these are normally the ones which fail to shed and chances are if left alone would lead to ingrown nails.

3. Clean kitty’s chin

chin acne cat

Brownish specks and even redness are observed sometimes on our cat’s chin. This is normally a build-up of oil, dirt and grime due to usage of porous plastic drinking/food bowls or general lack of cleaning.

What you can do to help: Using a clean moist cotton pad, gently rub against kitty’s chin to loosen up and remove the brownish dirt.

Take charge of your kitty’s physical health today! 🙂

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