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5 Tips to becoming a Greener Pet Guardian

Photo credit: @lostintechnicolor on Instagram
Photo credit: @lostintechnicolor on Instagram

Happy Earth Day! Today’s the day you will hear and read a lot about how you can “get green” at home, your workplace, transportation and all. However being the responsible pet owner you are, we knew you would be keen to know how both you and your pet can get into action this Earth Day and beyond!

Here are 5 tips:

1) Changing the water in your pet’s water bowl? Instead of throwing it away you can use it to flush your toilet bowl. Families with larger pets and larger drinking bowls will benefit more, naturally. 😉

2) Minimise chemicals used in caring for your pets. Choosing natural pet products means you don’t expose your pet to harsh chemicals. Not only does it benefit your pet, it is also kinder to Mother Earth. There are some great options in the market such as the Cain & Able range of grooming products. Earth Friendly Products’ Pet Care Line carries pet-friendly, safe and planet-friendly household cleaning products that does not compromise efficacy.

3) You can get your hands working on some DIY dog toys from things around the house. If you have to buy, choose something that’s friendlier to the environment such as toys made from organic, recycled and/or sustainable materials. Simply Fido’s organic range and Harry Barker eco pet toys are great options!

4) Picking poop? Why not use poop bags that break down faster than the regular plastic bags?

5) Last but not least, adopt a “recycled” pet. As John Van Zante, “we can begin by adopting a ‘recycled’ pet from a shelter or rescue rather than supporting the mass production puppy mills or backyard breeding operations that harm the environment by flooding the market with unwanted animals”.

What are your favourite earth-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day with your companion animals? Share with us on our Facebook Page.

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