Animal Welfare & Issues

Going Cruelty-Free with your Pets

lets-see-now-ive-been-blindedApril 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories – a day, recognised by the United Nations to remember the millions of animals worldwide who are used and killed every year in animal experiments.

If you aren’t too familiar with animal testing, it basically refers to experimentation carried out on animals to “assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics”. It includes procedures such as oral force-feeding, forced-inhalation of chemicals, lethal exposures to drugs among other cruel methods without pain relief.

However, with the availability of approved, reliable non-animal research methods and an estimated of over-10,000 ingredients proven safe to use for our personal care, cosmetic and household products, animal testing is deemed outdated and could stop today without any harm to consumers. Hundreds of companies have sworn off animal testing yet still produce new, safe and great products. On the international scene the move away animal testing is significant, with European Union banned animal testing for cosmetic in 2013, India banning the import of animal-tested beauty products and New Zealand’s recent move to rule out animal testing for cosmetic in the country.

Other than non-animal tested items for us humans, did you know that there are also many cruelty-free pet care products? We have collated a list of pet care brands that are available in Singapore. If you’ve been to our studio you might have gotten your copy of Cruelty-free Shopping Guide, if not, here’s the list:

Cruelty-Free Pet Care Products available in Singapore

Leaping Bunny Certified ♥      PETA Certified ♣ 
(Please note that some products are vegan-friendly, please check labels)

Austin Rose ♥♣ 
Barking Heads & Meowing Heads 
Earth Friendly Products’ Pet Line ♥♣
Happytails Canine Spa (EcoWellDog) 
Honest Kitchen, The 
John Paul Pet ♥♣ 
Max & Ruffy’s 
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc 
Organix-South (TheraNeem) ♥♣
Oxyfresh Worldwide 
Primal Pet Food 
SPA Lavish ♥♣
Solid Gold 
Supreme Pet Food ♣ 
Timberwolf Organics 
Tropiclean ♣ 
V-Dog ♣ 
Veterinarian’s Best ♣ 

Please note that this list in non-exhaustive. Also, companies change their policies all the time – if you have information about a brand that is certified or one that is no longer cruelty free, please contact us.

Let us extend the compassion we have for our furry pals to other animals too by supporting cruelty-free products!

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