Pet Grooming 101

4 Surefire Signs it’s Time to Switch Groomer

Regular professional grooming is essential for our furry pal’s physical and mental health, and a trusty pet groomer is who you need to have that peace of mind. But how do you know that you may have entrust your pet to the wrong hands? Here are 4 surefire signs:

What? You mean you're calling him back for my next haircut?!?!
What? You mean you’re setting an appointment with THAT groomer for my next haircut?!?!

1. Dirty grooming tools

Take a closer look at the tools used on your pet. Are they clogged with other pet’s fur or dirt from the last grooming session? Does your groomer bother to clean and sterilise the tools before using them on your pet? Harmful bacteria, parasites and fungus present on the grooming tools may get passed on to a healthy pet and you never want that to happen. 3 simple examples of transmission:

ear mites
Ear Mites

Ear mites – Infested ear haemostats can carry and transmit ear mites from ear to ear

Skin with bacterial infection
Skin with bacterial infection

Bacterial infection on skin – Dirty electric clippers can have millions of bacteria present and a micro-cut is all that is required for transmission


Flea and ticks – Combs with hair trapped between teeth can harbour pesky parasites

2. Inconsistency in Grooming Standards 

Does your pet looks or feels worse after grooming? If you can obviously see and feel it, it probably is. Remember the first time your groomer did a good job grooming your pet and you scheduled the next appointment right away? That should be the minimum standard and benchmark to how the grooming should be completed; providing feedback to your groomer when something is obviously not done properly helps your pet groomer maintain or improve his work standards. (Don’t worry, good groomers are open to constructive feedback from concerned pet owners.)

We love it when you give us feedback to help us improve <3
We love it when you give us feedback to help us improve ❤

3. Always changing appointment dates, always late, always in a rush

If you feel that your pet groomer is rushing on the job, on a consistent basis, every single time, you should start questioning why. Just as how we don’t like our hairdresser to rush to get our hair done, there is no reason why pet groomers should rush to finish your pet’s haircut. A rush job not only affects the grooming standard but increases the risk of injury to your pet. Also, it doesn’t give the animal time to adapt to what’s going on and could result in a stressful experience. After all, our animal friends should be treated with care and the grooming process should be at a comfortable pace.

Always watching the clock is a no, no.
Always watching the clock is a no, no.

4. Avoiding responsibility

If your pet gets injured during the course of grooming and the groomer

  • doesn’t tell you
  • blames you
  • blames your pet

without any explanation or what-so-ever, that’s being irresponsible.

Unfortunately, the list goes on. If you spot any of these signs, perhaps it’s time to look for another groomer.  Do you have any similar or other experiences that made you switch groomer? Feel free to share with us!

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