Pet Grooming 101

A Peek into the Bubbly Petz Grooming Experience

To many of us, our companion dogs and cats are a great part of our families and we naturally want our love ones to be happy and treated with care. Grooming is an essential part of our pet’s life, it keeps them physically healthy so that they lead a quality life enjoying doing the things they love with us. A positive grooming experience ensures that each visit to the groomer’s is not something fearful but to be looked forward to. This brand story video is filmed to showcase how grooming is different at Bubbly Petz and what customers and their furry buddies can expect in a typical grooming session at our studio.

At Bubbly Petz, we’re passionate about the comfort and welfare of our furry clients. Being scarred by an unpleasant grooming experience of the founders’ pet dog Chocolate, Bubbly Petz’s pet grooming is started with a mission to provide fellow owners and their pets a grooming service that they can feel assured and great about. At our studio, your furry buddies are groomed in a cage-free, restraint-free environment with certified low-stress and humane handling techniques.

In addition, positive reinforcement is practiced in the studio to help our furry clients gain confidence and associate grooming to something nice; never any screaming and rough handling are used, pets are rewarded for good behaviors instead. We want them to walk into the grooming studio happy, wagging their tails, and leaving the studio happy at the same time. Working together with pet owners, we have successfully rehabilitate dogs and cats who were once afraid of grooming, and have also helped young animals to grow up enjoying their grooming sessions.

For our cat clients, dedicated feline-only grooming days on Thursdays and Saturdays ensures their comfort and a low-stress experience. As cats have entirely different grooming requirements from their doggy counterparts, our groomer is specifically trained and certified in feline grooming to meet your cat’s grooming needs.

Bubbly Petz’s open-concept studio allows pet owners to oversee the entire grooming process, you can even join your furry buddies in the grooming room to learn what goes on in a typical session! We encourage openness and transparency so you can enjoy a peace of mind – no more worrying about what’s happening behind closed doors.

From a simple nail cut to a full course grooming, a wide range of services are available for all breeds of dogs and cats, customisable to suit your pet’s needs. We care about what we put on our pet’s skin and want the best for yours too – our grooming products are of minimal ingredients and are natural and gentle to even pets with the most sensitive skin. Not forgetting, products used are plant-based, non-toxic, earth-friendly and certified cruelty-free – ensuring kindness to our furry buddies is extended to all other animals and the environment too!

If you’d like to find our more about what we do, visit Feel free to pop by for a visit at 266 Joo Chiat Road or simply drop us a line at 63486872.

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