Pet Grooming 101

Can I use human shampoo for my pet?

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It feels the same, looks alike, cleans the same way can’t we just use our shampoo for our pet?

Yes you can! – But we do not recommend that.


Skin Sensitivity

Our dog/cat’s skin is more sensitive than ours as they have thinner skin and human shampoos are formulated to be generally harsher, risking damage to their skin.

PH differences

Our pet’s skin is about pH 7.4 (Alkaline) and our’s pH 4.8 (Acidic)

There is a component of the skin known as the acid mantle and it lightly covers the skin surface to serve as a barrier protecting the top most layer of the skin from bacteria, parasites and viruses.

When we use shampoo formulated for human skin on your pet, especially for a prolonged period, the acid mantle is disrupted and the pet’s skin is vulnerable to external contaminants.

Specific uses

Our pets face extreme filth, parasite infestations, matted hair, severe shedding and because of this, pet shampoos are formulated differently compared to human shampoos to help with these needs. In hot and humid Singapore weather, Cain & Able Peppermint Conditioning Shampoo is great for dogs with normal to sensitive skin prone to occasional breakouts; the range from SPA Lavish deeply cleanses outdoorsy pups who enjoy the beach effectively yet gently.

At the end of the day what we use on our pets is in our control – always choose wisely.


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