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5 Safe & Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies

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Earth-Rated Poop Bags: Formulated for quicker breakdown

With the increasing number of pet population here in Singapore and worldwide, imagine the impact if every pet guardian adopted a few simple and conscious practices regarding pet care and ownership. With so many ways to go green these days, it is not surprising that there’s a place for our fur buddies to contribute as well.

One of the ways is to care for your pets with sustainable products. Here are a few of our favourites:


  • The Good Dog Company Hemp Leashes and Collars – Made from sustainable industrial hemp and organic cotton, these collars and leashes are durable yet soft and hypoallergenic.
  • EarthRated earth-friendly poop bags – Formulated for quicker breakdown unlike traditional plastic bags, EarthRated poop bags have been tested to break down in approximately 18-24 months in a bioreactor landfill, making it a more sustainable alternative to regular poop bags.


  • SimplyFido – Made of OICA Certified Organic Cotton, certified non-toxic and coloured with zero chemical natural plants and minerals. The crinkle toys are surprisingly sturdy despite it’s irresistibly cute and soft look.


  • V-Dog breathbones Dog Chews – A plant-based diet dramatically reduces greenhouse gases and the pollution of land, air & water. breathbones™ are 100% vegan which is good for pooch & planet. Unlike many other greenies-type of chews in the market, these chews are packed with superfoods, making it one of the most nutrient-dense chews in the market


  • IDOCARE Floor Cleaner – Chemically-laden cleaning products not only harms the environment but are toxic to our furry buddies. IDOCARE formulates high performance 100% non-toxic products from fully biodegradable ingredients which are absolutely safe for family, pets and the environment.

What are your favourite earth-friendlier pet care products? Share with us!

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