About the blog

Welcome! My name is Desmond, and i’m a certified professional pet groomer.


In today’s context even when there is the internet and overflowing information easily obtained everywhere, there is a severe lack of information regarding some basic pet-related issues.

Over in this blog, you will be able to take away with you some interesting and never-seen-before information such as:

  • Personally crafted answers for frequently asked questions
  • How-to tutorials
  • Reviews of products/services
  • “behind the scenes” stuff that you always wanted to know
  • and more…

Feel free to comment/share/tweet any articles you deem fit!

If you have any particular grooming related questions and need some advice, email me at desmond@bubbly-petz.com

Visit us at our official website: http://www.bubbly-petz.com

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